AboutPicFourteen billion years ago when the universe exploded with the big bang, a small speck of stardust that would eventually become Bonnie Detwiller began its journey. Born and raised in Vancouver, Bonnie grew up knowing that her passion for art would be a big part of her life. Attending Capilano University’s illustration and design program, she is now an illustrator, designer, and fine artist. Her work is heavily influenced by her surroundings and all manner of interests such as the city around her, animals, pop culture, graphic novels, books, and more. When not working on illustration and design, Bonnie can be found hanging out with friends and nerding out about movies, TV shows, books, working on her fine art, and spending time with her cats.


2011 – 2014 Illustration and Design: Elements and Applications (IDEA), Capilano University

2010 Foundations in Illustration and Design, Capilano University